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Many people think that washing at a car wash can adversely affect the paintwork, as car wash uses not only foam or shampoo to wash the car, but also all sorts of “hard” chemical cocktails.

On the other hand, due to the high water pressure, which is not always possible to achieve at home, washing is more efficient and helps in most cases to avoid minor scratches on the body.

Many motorists are wondering how often and how to wash their car at a self-service car wash. There are several features of cleaning machine parts in summer and winter. Both the frequency of the procedure and the technology differ.


In summertime

In the summer season, car washing is done less often or more often, depending on the weather. In rainy periods, it is advisable to rinse the body every other day, so it is easier to keep the paintwork in its original form. It is better to go to a car wash every one and a half months to degrease surfaces and remove stubborn dirt.

In summer, do not clean your car too often. Once a week is enough. Both after long trips and when the body is heavily soiled, an extraordinary wash is carried out.
It is worth figuring out how to wash a car correctly by hand – in a non-contact way or mechanically, large or small sponges, car chemicals or household detergents.

Brushes are used only for wheels, as they easily damage the paintwork of the body. Do not use household cleaning liquids for mechanical and contactless car washes. They contain alkalis and solvents that corrode varnish and paint.

Understanding how to wash a car is not difficult – just clean the car from top to bottom, starting from the roof. In the process of washing, they are sent to the wheels. Dry the car with microfiber.


In winter time

The rules for washing a car in winter are different from those of summer cleaning. In the warm season, the car dries quickly even in the parking lot. In winter, the water freezes, thawing only in the garage. Ice and snow can adversely affect the condition of the body – cause rust at welding points, on various fasteners, even on the same part at points with different surface finishes.

What areas need to be washed?

Washing the car body is carried out taking into account several important points. It is necessary to knock off surface dirt from it with a high-pressure apparatus. If this is not done, fine sand particles will scratch the surface during mechanical washing. Windows should be washed carefully to prevent minor damage.