Car hand wash

Self-cleaning algorithm

Local cleaning. On areas of the body with dead insects, bird droppings and other hardened stains, apply car shampoo and leave for a couple of minutes to soak. It is more convenient to apply the product on stains with a spray gun.


Rinsing. After the dirt spots have soaked, it’s time to wet the body with water, knocking off the dust and some of the dirt. We pour a moderate stream of water from the hose over the car, starting from the roof and going down. Please note: water should not flow in a stream. A calm pace of work will help to avoid damage and drips.


Global wash. According to the instructions, dilute the car shampoo in clean water and apply it on the body from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth or a special car sponge. Household sponges, washcloths and brushes are not suitable for delicate paintwork, as they leave damage invisible to the eye. Gently clean the surface in a circular motion.


Disk cleaning. To clean the rims, we use a special rough sponge. We clean the wheels and the bottom of the car as the dirtiest areas last.


Rinsing. After the cleaning stage, carefully wash off the foam from the body. We use clean towels or microfiber and a second bucket of clean water.


Wiping and drying the body. After all water procedures, it is recommended to brush off the water from the surface with a rubber water separator so that there are no drips left. Then we wipe the body with artificial or natural suede – they quickly absorb moisture and do not leave streaks. It is impossible to use terry or cotton towels and dry sponges for drying the body – stains will remain. Use a separate waffle towel or cloth to dry the wheels.


Glass cleaning. In addition to washing the glass with car shampoo, it is important to clean them of stains. To do this, you will need an alcohol-based glass cleaner or special car chemicals. Glasses are cleaned not only from the outside, but also from the inside, wrapping the hand with microfiber and removing stains. To clean the upper edge of the side windows, you need to lower them a little.


Applying wax or polish. An important final step in washing. Wax or polish creates a transparent water-repellent film on the surface and protects the paintwork from dirt, including bird droppings.

You need to apply the funds strictly according to the instructions in an even layer, then wait for the film to dry and wipe off the cloudy coating with a clean rag until the body shines.


Tire blackening. Few people reach this stage, but in the case of a professional car wash, it is an important finishing touch. Apply silicone to the tires and the car will shine with well-groomed.