Car wash by near me

There are many different ways and possibilities to wash off the dirt from the car body, namely:


Manual washing – this process is carried out independently by the owner or employee of the car wash.

A touchless car wash is perhaps the most common and least harmful option for cleaning a car from road dirt. With the help of a powerful jet of water, the upper part of the dirty coating is knocked off, and then the active foam, which is applied without contact, reacts with complex body contaminants. At the third stage, the dirt is finally washed off the body.


Contact washing with brushes is a car wash using rotating brushes with soft bristles. Used to clean stubborn dirt. Such brushes clean the car body treated with water and active foam.

There are other types and subspecies of sinks, i.e. like a “dry” body wash, a portal or conveyor wash, and even a self-service car wash (gained popularity in the past few years due to the low cost of service).

According to data received from some automotive experts, such a visit to a contact car wash can be fatal for the car body varnish that covers your (any) car, and this is literally from the first visit. For example, Paul Lamberti, head of department at BASF’s largest OEM parts supplier to the North American automotive industry, is a man who is said to know almost everything about paints and the many problems associated with these paints, he considers such cleaning a car in a contact car wash akin to “painting on car with wet sandblasting solution. That is, scratches with such a contact wash will not be avoided. Why? Is it all about the brushes?


This question received an unexpected answer. It turns out that the problem is not mainly in the brush bristles themselves. Even if they are made of a fairly hard synthetic material, they will not be able to scratch the car due to the features of their design (their ends are specially rounded to prevent damage to the paintwork) and the sufficient flexibility of this material.


Although, according to domestic car painters with whom we consulted when preparing our material, in Russian realities, the wear of these brushes and cleaning rollers can reach such a terrible degree that they themselves can cause irreparable damage to the car’s coating.


Moreover, even if soft foam brushes are used at the car wash, they can have a very negative effect on the varnish. And here’s why it’s happening.

Any car wash is an ordinary assembly line, where there is an endless stream of cars of greater or lesser density. Car pollution can be of different intensity. One car will pass and a thin film of the reagent will simply be removed from it, and tens of grams of sand or adhering soil will be swept away from another similar one. Where does all this dirt go? Of course, some will go down the drain with water, and the other part ..? But another certain part of the dirt will remain just on these same automatic car wash brushes.


Such mud and sand are mainly composed of small microscopic pieces of rock, including granite – an extremely hard material and also an excellent abrasive.


Almost imperceptible grains of sand stick to the car wash brushes and after a while the cleaning device can begin to behave almost like sandpaper.


It is easy enough to identify serious contamination of brushes at a car wash – they will be gray or dirty brown. In no case should you drive your car into such establishments!

Then the inertia itself and the high pressure of the water supplied to the car body come into play.


A mixture of dirt and sand is rubbed into the body of the car, thereby peeling off an already thin layer of paint from it.


In advanced cases, after visiting an automatic car wash, you may find small or even large scratches on the paint. Everything will depend on the fraction of those pieces that came into contact with the body. Sometimes the depth of these scratches can reach exactly the primer of the body. In this case, you will see a deep white line on the surface of the machine.