Car wash near me 24/7

Many motorists often have a question – is it worth washing a car in winter? And if you wash it, then at what temperature and how often, without making the car worse. Someone is afraid to harm the body and drives dirty all winter, someone washes their iron friend on their own, with a bucket of water and a rag, which is highly undesirable in winter.


Others turn to specialized car washes. Despite all this, many still have many questions about how to wash a car in winter, when it should be done.


When addressing professionals, focus on the following:


Washing the machine must be carried out in a heated room;
Make sure special foam is used;
To dry the car, special pumps should be used to blow out residual water from hard-to-reach places;
After washing, hinges, locks, rubber seals must be treated with silicone grease, ignoring this can cause freezing of the door, lock, rubber band cracks;
Before driving outside, the car must be dry. And this is very important, and it is worth focusing on this. Carefully inspect the edge of the doors, under the arches, open the trunk hatch, in all these places there should be no traces of water. If water is found, it must be removed immediately.