Car wash near me price

Good car washes are usually based where the concentration of regular customers is high, and the owners value their reputation – in the parking lots of residential complexes or shopping centers. Here’s a reminder to help you figure out if you’ve come to the right place looking for car hygiene.


The pre-wash composition is supposed to be applied to a dry body. Accordingly, if the dirt is knocked down with a jet from the Karcher, this is not correct. The logic is this: a water film on a wet car reduces the concentration of the shampoo.


To wash the wheels, special compounds are used, since there are always specific contaminants on the discs (dust from the pads). If you notice that the wheels are washed with the same shampoo as the body, then you should know: this is pointless – the disks will not be washed properly.


The washer must pass the sponge through the car in a certain sequence: roof, window line, waist line, and so on. You cannot choose, for example, the starboard side and wash the top and bottom at the same time. In addition, for the lower part of the body (sills, arches) you need to use a separate sponge.


The car is not blown with compressed air from the compressor, but a special turbo dryer is used. This is such a vacuum cleaner on the contrary: two electric turbines with a total capacity of 3.5 kW. It is not pressure that is important here, but a significant area of ​​​​the treated surface and high temperature.


Doorways are washed with a pressureless jet. It is impossible to use a high-pressure apparatus, otherwise the seals may be damaged, in addition, water will fly into the cabin.


For washing textile rugs, not a universal “Kercher” is used, but a special cyclone dust collector (“cyclone”). You can also act the old fashioned way – with a vacuum cleaner and a brush. The point is that a high-pressure apparatus is capable of damaging the rug, which, moreover, will remain wet (it is unlikely that anyone will be confused by drying it) and, therefore, will rot. By the way, rugs should not lie on the floor at the time of washing – special clothespins are provided for them in the wet area.


It must be said that when designing a car wash, experienced owners try to exclude the very possibility of damaging the client’s car. A suspension hose is convenient, but not good: there is a risk of hooking it on the body of a tall SUV. In general, the length of the hose should be such that the employee is not tempted to walk around the car with it, winding it around the body. You need good lighting, and preferably from below – it’s easier to evaluate the work of the washer.


Good tone – automatic dispensers for mixing detergent compositions. And the highest class is when the wet and dry zones are separated, because it is impossible to achieve a truly high quality work on the body and in the cabin in the same room. In general, such nuances are carefully calculated. And if you see that the sink is made according to the mind, then you can be sure that the result will be worthy.