Car washes near me

The main purpose of car wash is to get rid of dirt and dust, both outside and inside the car. During its movement, the car collects on itself layers of dirt of various compositions: dust mixed with sticky deposits of asphalt, impurities in the form of sand, soot, waste from the exhaust of waste oil products, compounds of various compositions. Dirt and dust find every opportunity to get inside the cabin, and subsequently settle both on clothes and in the lungs of a person.


One way or another, in a dusty car, we are forced to breathe the appropriate air. In addition, not cleaning the car from dirt for a long time means exposing the car to a constant and powerful corrosion attack. Dirt not only poses a danger to human health, but also directly affects the durability of the car, affecting its body part.


In addition, voluntarily or involuntarily, our gaze clings and stops at the dirty and dusty places of the car, subconsciously causing and accumulating unpleasant internal sensations.


Dirt, which fills microcracks and scratches on the surface of the car, creates conditions conducive to destructive processes. So, due to the surface tension forces that are created by the liquid, huge point pressures arise. The process of manifestation of the potential difference between the protective layer of paint and the metal itself is growing.


Something like this, using the power of water and the swelling of wooden pegs, the ancient Egyptians, driving wooden pegs into the cracks of stone blocks, by constant wetting, chipped off huge pieces of stones for the construction of pyramids. The main reason for the destruction of the paintwork surface of the car is precisely the point pressures that create surface tension. Knowing the influence of these destructive factors, it is extremely important to wash the car from dirt in a timely manner, moreover, to do it correctly, without causing damage to the car.