Mobile car washes near me

Car washes are getting better all the time. One of the modern car washing methods is a touchless car wash. Why contactless? Because with this method of washing, there is no need for direct mechanical contact with the car body of items such as rags and brushes.


The contactless method of washing is used by almost all new car washes that have appeared. This is one of the highly effective and simple methods – rags and brushes are replaced by a jet of water and special detergents. The process of carrying out a touchless car wash is simple, but at the same time high quality, which indicates the clear advantages of washing in a touchless way. The “chip” of the car shampoo for contactless washing is the so-called active foam.


Active foam is a special thinning solution that allows you to deal with adhering and dried dirt very effectively and without additional influences. Active foam is applied to the surface of the car with a special device – a foam generator. The foam solution allows you to significantly reduce the adhesion force of dirt to the body, which leaves no chance for dirt to continue to exist on the surface of the car and the dirty liquefied mass slowly but surely flows down.


In a contactless car wash, manual rubbing with rags and brushes is not used, which means that abrasive effects on the car’s paint surface are practically excluded.


Protruding places, such as mirrors and antennas, in this case will not be subjected to manual impact at all, which eliminates their accidental breakage and damage. As a result, after processing the machine with active foam, it remains only to wash it off with dirt using a high-pressure apparatus. Easily and effortlessly directed high-pressure jet removes dirt in hard-to-reach areas. This greatly simplifies the washing process and, accordingly, does not require the cost of wiping materials and maintenance. Next, a solution of polished wax is applied, after which the car is well dried. After operations carried out by the contactless washing method, the car retains its impeccable appearance and is in a clean condition for quite a long time. At the makk tunnel car wash, you can wash your car using modern German equipment using high-quality auto chemicals in just 5-7 minutes.