Self car wash near me

All that the car owner needs to do is to pick up a free box, usually there are a lot of empty places at such car washes, so you won’t have to wait in line. You will need to get the floor mats out of the car and secure them with a special clip. Usually at car washes you can find two guns, one will contain detergent foam, and the other plain water. The driver needs to take a gun with foam, go to the control terminal, where it is proposed to select several modes. Depending on the degree of contamination of the car, it will be possible to choose a washing mode with foam or plain water. Next, we pay the base time and proceed to the wash. Immediately after payment, you should press the “Start” button, after which the countdown begins, for which you must have time to wash your car. Foam quickly wash the floor mats and the entire body of the car. Next, pause the terminal, take a water gun and wash off all the foam with contaminants that have eaten into it with clean water. The mats are placed in the car, after which you can leave the box. After that, in a nearby parking lot, you can wipe the car body dry with a regular rag.